6th June 2012        the Yangphel Archery Committee has announced the dates for the 16th Yangphel Open Archery Tournament. It will start July 16 and end with the final match on the Sept 2nd 2012. Like last year, the league will be held simultaneously across ten different venues and nine different regions of the country.

It is unprecedented to have the tournament start on a weekday like this year (July 16 is Monday) but (according to the President of Yangphel Archery Committee) it has been found to be necessary to accommodate the BIGSA’s Coronation Silver Jubilee Archery Tournament which starts mid June this year. There may be few days when the two tournaments would be conducted simultaneously but it is expected not to affect one another since the venues are different (including in Thimphu for that period) and fixtures would take in account the needs of the participants.

Also, unlike in the past, when the final match was held on Saturday, this year it is being held on Sunday instead in order to not have it clash with the major bicycling event of the country, the Tour of the Dragon.

After the league in the different regional venues, the Knockout stage onwards would be conducted in Changlimithang range and is set to begin Aug 12 after the Seeded Archers from around the country have gone through ‘Pchani’ Shootout competition to crown the Seeded Gold, Seeded Silver and Seeded Bronze.

Some of the seeded could possibly be shooting on Aug 19 when the top 15 archers would shoot ‘the ultimate 15 rounds’ for the year’s title of Best Archer.

Who will be this year’s Best Archer? Only that day will decide.  It is date with fate. But that fate will only come if one registers to participate. The registrations are to begin by June 15 and end July 7, 2012.


26 March 2012         the list of the Seeded Players for the year 2012 has been announced by the Yangphel Archery Committee. It has been announced more than three months before the start of  the 16th Yangphel Open Archery Tournament  in July.

The early announcement of the names of seeded players is anticipated to facilitate forming of teams around the nation. In the Yangphel Open Archery Tournament, only one seeded archer is allowed per team to participate. It ensures that all the participating teams have equal chances. And this does not affect individual aspirations, since  team performance does not matter while deciding individual prize categories, including that of coveted title Best Archer. All the individual prize categories (except for one) are based on performances during the league stage which every team play by default and not at all on advanced stages where fewer teams progress.


The list is also expected to help different independent organizers around the country who refer to the list for their own local tournaments.

In comparison to last year, there has been increase of more than ten players in the list of the seeded archers, which the organizers attribute to the increasing level of performance and number of archers in the country. All those with total of 21 kareys or more from the three league matches have been included in the list, which has name of 133 players. These are top 133 players of the 1500 archers that participated in the last year’s tournament and of the Kingdom itself.



CLICK HERE for PDF version of the Seeded Players List 2012


 As announced in the Sept 16th issue of Bhutan Observer, the winner of Free (Green) Raffle has been declared as Mr. Nidup Tshering, an employee of Thimphu BPC.

Nidup is from village of Bali (Gewog Katsho) in the district of Haa. Nidup has expressed desire to make some contribution for charity works from the prize.


The Giveaway Cash prize of Nu. 5000/- was withheld to manage littering at the Changlingmithang range during the Sept 3rd final of the tournament.  Had all the prize winners declared at the range itself, then all of the non winning raffle coupons would have been thrown away.


The winning number was 8922 and was drawn during the final itself but sealed till the time of the declaration which was scheduled for Sept 9th and individuals would then dispose through proper means at thier homes.


The ‘Green’ prize was one of the 25 giveaway prizes distributed through the free raffle to public. The tournament organizers creates avenue for the different and caring business houses to ‘give back’ through the raffle. All the giveaway sponsors sees the raffle as means to bring something back to the people for a chance to grow with thier support


 As announced in Friday Sept 9th Bhutan Observer issue, the winning number drawn for one of the free raffle withheld during the Sept 3rd final of 15th Yangphel Open Archery Tournament 2011 is 8922


The raffle when produced in original can be used to claim the Cash Prize of Nu. 5000/- (sponsored by Sangay Automobiles).


The claim has to be made at Yangphel Office (near National Memorial Chorten) latest by Thursday 15th Sept 2011 12:00 PM. 


The name and photograph of the winner would be published in Bhutan Observer issue of 16th Sept 2011.


The prize is dubbed as ‘Free Green Prize’ and was withheld to manage littering at the Changlingmithang range during the finals.


 3rd Sept 2011                        led by His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel U. Wangchuck, the team Phoja completed their seventh straight win in the final match of 15th Yangphel Open Archery Tournament today. Had there been any doubts of Phoja’s supremacy even with their previous six straight wins (with top points in the league and no penalty shootout having to decide their knockout wins), it would have been cleared today with their 53 karey performance – the highest team total of the 2011 tournament.


Phoja received the tournament’s rolling trophy as the ‘Best Team of the Year’ from Her Royal Highness Princess Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck who graced the final as the Chief Guest. Her Royal Highness also awarded the prizes and titles to team Druk Shopping Complex as Team Winner Runners Up and Sonam Automobiles as Team Winner 2nd Runners Up.


With their 53 kareys, Phoja completed 2 game sets while Druk Shopping Complex completed one with their 33 kareys and Sonam Automobiles could complete no game sets despite their 43 karey total.


Druk Shopping Complex completed their game set early in the match – the third round itself when they hit 7 kareys in that single round. Over the next five rounds, Phoja made some difference in karey total to count towards their equalizing game set in the 8th round. Then it took them another 8 rounds to complete their 2nd game set in the 14th round. The second game set was the winning one when two opponents were not able to complete any in the last 15th round. It was clear result.


During the match, Phoja’s Karma Sherab hit 16 kareys – the match highest. Because Karma Sherab had lesser total from the quarter and semi final matches, the high total did not bring him the only contested individual title of Finals – the MVP (or Finals Most Valuable Player) which take in the total of 3 matches (quarter, semi and final matches). It was Sonam Lhagyel who took the title when he added 13 kareys during the match to his earlier 26 karey total.


Sonam Lhagyel also received his title from Her Royal Highness Princess Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck along with other winners including the Best Archer of the Year Tshering Gyeltshen who drove home the Maruti A-Star car as his prize. Tshering Gyeltshen’s performance was similar to that of Phoja as that of unequalled and undoubted accomplishment.

One other such unsurpassed accomplishment which was acknowledged today was that of Jurmin Wangdi (Tournament President, 1997 – 2007) as ‘Longest Serving President’ and his undoubted contribution to the National Game as a whole.

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