Standard Target

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Though the wooden targets used during the Yangphel Open Archery Tournaments have been called ‘Standard’, there is nothing standard about workmanship and efforts involved. Firstly the wood used is selected from mills by expert wood workers and then seasoned for months before the start of the tournament. Then it goes through the hands of some of the finest craftsman in the country to bring about the exact dimension that has been approved based on experience and knowledge gained by years of organizing the tournament.


After the targets have cut to the set dimension, it then pass into the hands of painters where each and every target is covered in canvas and painted to exact specifications and traditional design.

 After all the above process, it then has to pass under examination of the organizing committee before it is brought into the arena of play.



 Target Dimensions:      


 -      Width: 31 cm

-        Total length: 107 cm (82 cm above the ground & 25 below)

-          Thickness of Bull’s eye circle: 3 cm

-          Inner diameter of Bull’s Eye: 25 cm

-          Position of Bull’s Eye: 37 cm from top center to Bull’s Eye center

-          Bottom (Saa karey) line: 82 cm mark from the top center