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Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) have the most complete line of archery products and the expert technicians to make sure that you have the right equipment and that it is tuned correctly! Our archery shop has long been recognized by the customers as the premier archery pro shop in Bhutan! By combining a powerhouse staff of hardcore professional archery technicians, with an unbelievably wide selection of major Hoyt & Easton archery equipment and accessories, Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) delivers a true one-stop solution to all your archery and shooting needs!

Our Shop Services:

  1. Complete bow tune-ups
  2. Cable Replacement
  3. Determine draw weight & draw lengths
  4. Lubrication of your bow & bow string’s & cables
  5. Re-fletching arrows
  6. Repair Work on bows and arrows
  7. Paper tune-up
  8. Warranty work
  9. One-on-one shooting instruction at our indoor shooting range at no extra cost

The Service and Repair Department
Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) is proud to be listed as a “Warranty Center” for Hoyt and Easton archery products. Our repair shop offers repairs and warranty work on all the Hoyt bows and relevant products.

Shooting the bow and arrow has been a way of life for Yangphel employees for many years and we have always enjoyed sharing our love for our national sport with others in the Kingdom. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the look on a beginner’s face when they experience a good shot.

The general availability of compound bows in the early nineties made it possible for anyone to learn to shoot accurately almost immediately. Because of this, we have seen a tremendous growth in the sport over the past ten years. Due to advances in technology, equipment has become increasingly more sophisticated… so much so, that maintenance has become a job for skilled technicians with a thorough knowledge of the products being used.

So, visit our service department for free periodic inspection of your archery equipment. We will make it happen for you.

At Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) we pride ourselves on the fact that our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide our customers with the finest service available anywhere. Whether your interest is traditional archery, shooting bamboo arrows from a bamboo bow or “high-tech” archery shooting carbon arrows from a one-cam speed bow, we have the experience to solve your problems.

Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) has provided great customer service and support since 1995.

Sales Staff
Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff has one goal in mind, to make you the best archer possible. With their years of experience they can help you with every aspect of the sport. We have an atmosphere that makes even a novice feel comfortable and relaxed.

Service after the sale
We stand behind the products we sale 100%, If you should ever have a problem with one of our products just bring it back and we will make it good. With every bow purchased you receive the following free!

  1. A complete bow tune up.
  2. Install all accessories
  3. Shooting instructions
  4. Free indoor range usage time

On Hand Repair Technicians
We offer warranty and repair for all Hoyt & Easton archery products. Our Hoyt & Easton factory trained technicians have years of experience with a wide variety of archery equipment. Most bow repairs are completed in a 24 hour turn around due to large stock and variety of replacement parts. Our technicians will customize your bow to your exact specifications.
Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) is a full line pro shop dealing only in archery & archery products. We have the widest selection of bows and accessories to choose from. If you are having trouble finding a hard to get item just give us a call, we’ll make every effort to find it for you.
Indoor Range
We have a 22 meter indoor range where you can sharpen your skills in the comfort of our well equipped range. We also provide paper racks, tools and bow scales for tuning your own bow. Bhutan Archery (Yangphel) is an archery proshop offering wholesale and retail sales with a full service and repair department. We pride ourselves in teaching archery and the ease of learning to shoot a bow. We offer open archery tournaments tournaments on a yearly basis and other special events. Our staff’s are more than willing to professionally assist you, whether it be tuning and repairing your equipment or providing you with expert advise.