Yangphel Open Archery Tournament – Going regional

There has been increasing number of teams participating in the Yangphel Open Archery Tournament (YOAT), since its conception in 1997. This year in 2010, we have 165 teams and the tournament started off with just 23 teams. With such a increase, organizing the tournament in single venue, limits the the level and standard of organisation. But, if there is division of the organisation all around the country, then the scope to impact the less number of teams participating in each region is more.

There are more reasons why the tournament should be taken to the regions.

In all, it will increase the participation from all around the country, since there are those interested living away from Thimphu that do not participate due to logistical issues, office commitments, etc. This will give them a chance to participate in this tournament that has become quite popular.

With increased participation, there would consequently be more competition and the general skill of the archers round the country would improve.

It will also enhance the local organisers as they would then be supported by the “mother” organisers.

The YOAT organisers are now looking for local organisers to come with thier own proposal and also for suggestions from the archers and general public in finding ways to make the tournament bring good results – even with the proposed change.

As mentioned above, there are good reasons why it should be taken to the regions but there would be why it should not. Lets discuss them.

The idea is also to perhaps have the league phase conducted all around the country, then how should we plan the prizes/ titles that are presently based on the league? Should we set a limit/ or a bar for people to qualify to compete from every region for a big prize? Or should there many such titles/ prizes of every region which does mean much smaller prize?

There are many aspects, lets begin with above.

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